Our focus is to provide Comprehensive Primary Healthcare Services to the under-served and to optimize strategically chosen underperforming preventive healthcare projects in the United States and globally.

HealthShift Drive identifies healthcare facilities with transformational potential. We install our Primary Healthcare Intervention Team (PHIT - a complete portable primary care medical practice), to optimize care in that facility and train local staff over an extended period of time until they can independently run the practice and provide standardised healthcare services to meet pre-determined benchmarks.

Each beneficiary practice must be self sufficient, provide sustainable and affordable care; ultimately able to run day to day operations from igr. HSDi will graduate from full initial support to capital projects and expenditure. HSD proposes to pull up and develop local content, and will not endorse hand-outs.

HealthShift Drive provides a range of comprehensive primary health care services within each beneficiary practice. We upgrade each practice to a complete medical health care facility. We aim to provide adequate diagnostic capabilities including laboratory, x-ray, electro-diagnostics and ultrasound. We have surgical capabilities and access to consult services where required. With the integration of CloudCares Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system, we are able to improve data collection, patient safety and conduct evidence and outcomes based research.